Canine Country Club
Canine Country Club

WE invite you to check out our most recent video of a flyover of our place so you can get a better idea of how much room we offer to you and your dog.

or a short video of our entertaining dance called the "Bert Bounce"  He does this for almost all visitors.

Or take a quick trip thru the kennel to see our play areas and our heated/air-conditioned in door areas.  Its a little loud with the excitement and you have to look really fast but it will give you a good idea of how we look.

1st video is an indoor shot


Next check out two of our outdoor play areas, turn the sound down if you dont' want to hear the happy dogs....
                               Or join us for a few Welcome to 2011 videos 
                                             "I'm An Adventure Dog"              

                                                "I'm Your Doggie"




Canine Country Club is an alternative boarding facility.  We offer one acre of play areas that your dog can enjoy with his/her friends.   When your dog comes home from Boarding, he/she will be happy, contented and ready to sleep for two days.  You'll love it too.

Boarding dogs have access to 
outdoor play areas and indoor resting areas at all hours of the day or night.  With plenty of shade outside and air-condtioning or heat according to the time of year, their comfort and safety is at the top of our list.     


Check the "Rates and Reservations" page for more information.


Be sure to book ahead. 


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